Flex by ISPT



In a bid to retain existing tenants who have outgrown their current spaces, Flex by ISPT offers full amenity, short term tenancies that can be adapted to cater for fluctuations in team size, short term projects or shifting business demands.


Flex by ISPT is conceived as a space that is never finished and always evolving. A workplace of requirements that is modular, customisable and can seamlessly grow or contract with the business demands of its tenants.


WMK’s concept design explored the question ‘How can something fixed be flex?’ Circular screens were integrated throughout the fitout as walls, panels and frames. The arrival or departure of tenants will see the modular furniture and screens reconfigured to meet new business requirements. This reuse strategy is built into the space and informed the design decisions particularly in regard to the lifecycle of materials. 


The workplace’s aesthetic blends ISPT’s corporate DNA with bare industrial elements and warm hospitality finishes. The moody hallways and breakout spaces offer tenants a chance to exhale. Lower lighting, planters and warm finishes juxtapose the high-density tenancies and offer an intimate reprieve. 


The ‘Flex’ strategy at the core of the space is reflected in every aspect of the design. A hallway can become a gym, a lounge for large team meetings can convert to a chair for individual work and an open plan office can be manipulated into multiple project spaces.


WMK have designed a workspace that feels permanent yet can nimbly transform to accommodate its tenants.

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