WMK were appointed by innovative accountancy firm Yeild Advisory to design a new workplace that reflected their unique market positioning in the finance sector and out of the box approach to business. The client requested a workspace that was fresh, modern and welcoming and had elements that resembled a bar or café rather than a traditional office.


WMK responded to the brief by designing an agile workplace that effectively used the available space by providing non-assigned individual workspaces, meeting areas, focus spaces and areas for relaxed social interaction.
The boardroom was designed without a boardroom table and instead used loose furniture solutions to create a lounge-like environment to enable relaxed interaction with their clients.
The space is casual and highly collaborative and has integrated modern technology throughout the design.


WMK have designed a contemporary office space with a striking and unique design aesthetic which effectively embodies the creative brand aspirations of the Yield Advisory team.
The resultant workplace breaks with convention and delivers an inviting and relaxing environment for staff and clients.

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