607 Bourke Street



607 Bourke Street is a B-Grade commercial asset with ambition to present to market more like an A-Grader. A unique corner site, the building boasts a courtyard which is home to a Gleditsia Sinensis (or Chinese Honey Locust Tree) which is listed on the City of Melbourne’s Exceptional Tree Register for Historical and Horticultural Value. 


The scope of the ground floor refurbishment extended to the courtyard and to connect the café space which was to be opened up and returned to a cold shell format ready to be leased to a new operator.


WMK designed a full lobby refurbishment which connected the inside to the outside and provided for the much coveted ‘third space’ amenity which was previously missing from the address. The shape of the internal structure was informed by the main navigation paths connecting the lift lobby to Bourke St, with attractive timber screening creating private nooks and comfortable meeting zones.


 Grand windows lining the main entrance were wrapped in timber with fixed mini café tables, providing new external yet undercover, seating opportunities. The courtyard was given a sleek new decking, protecting and celebrating the heritage tree, and creating an extremely unique shaded garden spot on the corner of one of Melbourne’s busiest intersections.


A proven example of what repositioning can do for a CBD commercial building by answering the needs of more discerning tenants. The beautiful new entrance elevates this address to a level on par with its A-Grade neighbours, and delivers a lobby space that meets market expectations in terms of design, functionality and amenity

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