60 City Rd



Astute owners are recognising that investment in repositioning and refurbishment is required to keep buildings relevant and competitive. 60 City Road hadn’t seen any improvements since it’s opening in the esarly 90s and required significant overhaul to align the asset with current market expectations. The ground floor lobby, traditionally a transition space, is now expected to support the building tenants by acting as an extension of the workplace, and provide a contemporary and inviting space to meet and linger.


The ground floor plane is made up of three distinct zones – a vast triple height atrium, a double height entrance lobby, followed by a deep lift core. WMK executed a smart design solution which connects the three zones through materiality bringing light and warmth into the depths of the building. A sustainable approach to reuse and repurposing led to the existing built form within the atrium forming the footprint for the raised podium meeting pods, cleverly housing the power and data. 


Outdated lighting features were deconstructed and stripped back to their frames, revealing minimal metal work which was powder coated black to give it a new contemporary feel. The dark and claustrophobic lift lobbies were warmed up and brightened through the application of Barrisol Lighting, and Blackbutt timber wood paneling. The selection of this timber was a deliberate choice to tie into the lobby refurbishment works completed on the upper floors, providing an overarching material identity for the entire building. 


Lounge furniture provides moments of hotel style hospitality with a lux feel for the lobby space, while the overall palette for the atrium was selected to work with the expansive use of pink granite which dominates the base building facade. The threshold between the atrium and the lobby is framed by monolith-like service cages, these were edged with linear lighting and touch down style work points, creating an activated and useable space where there was none before.


A contemporary lobby should be an extension of the building’s workspaces, a vibrant and highly activated meeting place that can be shared by all tenants, their customers and partners. ARA Asset Management recognize the importance of providing a quality ‘third space’ to attract and retain their major tenants and WMK’s design solution aligned the building offering with these expectations. Once redundant spaces are now active and lively, cavernous areas now warm and inviting. By providing a variety of space types and work settings, the new lobby adds value to both the tenants and the landlord, future proofing the commercial asset.

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