To design a high-quality multi-unit residential development on an existing large site that has been utilised as a car dealership to maximise the yield, take full advantage of the views and sun-ingress, activate the main street edge and create a scene of a living community that would appeal to the target market. 


WMK has designed an iconic building of up to 20 storeys in height that captures the site lines from outside the site and the views and sun-ingress from within the site.

The footprint plan is simple and efficient yet allows both views to the city and bay to the south and views and sun-ingress to the north. The ‘butterfly’ forms of the building on the east and Western faces helps to maximise the views and sun and creates a dramatic building mass that reduces the scene of mass of the development.

The striking architecture portrays a sense of elegance and strength with varied elements that create a sense of slenderness and dynamism.


An elegant and iconic residential mixed-use design that maximises the yield on the site and at the same time creates a sense of community and dynamism to appeal to the target market. 

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