WMK was engaged by Frasers Property Australia to design the architecture and interiors for 'Ancora' the next stage of apartments in The Waterfront at Shellcove. Situated at the intersection of two unique landscapes, the Wetlands and Marina, the challenge for WMK was to design three, four storey apartment buildings adjacent to houses and within consolidated sites planned for individual houses. The complexity of delivering efficient apartment buildings within the constraints of the consolidated lots and their non-rectilinear shape, resulted in WMK looking to an organic form to meet the varying demands of the site.


For the architecture, WMK undertook a series of form making exercises to resolve the competing principles of cite envelope, permeability and vistas, orientation to south views, ADG compliance and fine grain massing relief to determine the building envelope and articulation. The design conceives the apartments as an extension of the landscape mirroring the natural shapes within the environment. This allows the landscape to invade the built form and establish a careful sequence of views and outlooks.

The interior design for the apartments takes its cues from its natural surroundings to create a relaxing ‘sanctuary’ for residents to come home to.

Using textured materials to create a more lived in feeling, the development adopts a luxurious Australian palette of rich earthy terracotta, sand, soft blues and foest greens in a mature and sophisticated way.


Ancora delivers three organically shaped buildings separated by open space vistas from the adjacent public domain towards the town centre and wetland nature reserve. The buildings respond to their setting and provide visual interest through their diverse expressions. The form and materiality of the apartment buildings have a monolithic, calm expression, speaking to the surrounding nature and the horizontally striated rock formations along the coastline. Screens provide enclosure and privacy while allowing for expansive views towards the harbour and surrounds, thereby emphasising the natural forms. 

The interior and exterior design are indelibly linked. Ancora’s connection with the coast, harbour and wetlands flows from the external to the internal environment ensuring a sophisticated and harmonious design. The interior palettes are designed and selected as a direct response to immediate surrounds. Colours and materials take subtle cues from natural elements which also compliment a relaxed beachside aesthetic. 

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