Hardi Aged Care



With six aged care facilities throughout NSW, the Client was looking to refurbish and reposition its older-style facilities in Blacktown.
The brief was to revitalise its facilities to meet changing market demands and provide a high-quality and competitive aged care offering.
A key requirement was to provide improved living and amenity facilities that do not look or feel like
a traditional Aged Care facility or hospital.


WMK is working with the team at Hardi to design a resort-like environment for its residents.
Bed numbers in Blacktown will be maintained while WMK introduces a hotel-approach to the overall design to create a real point of difference.
The design centres on a series of internal garden courtyards on to which the dining and living areas open on to combined with smaller sitting aresa that face the street and allow increased natural daylight ingress.


When completed, the Client will have a new centre that feels more like a luxurious hotel facility than a traditional Aged care facility.
The revitalised facility will help the Client to provide a high-quality offering with a point of difference within this competitive market and secure its business in to the future.

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