Junior School Library Hub


The challenge was to provide open and connected learning spaces with direct access to a central flexible learning “hub”.  The hub is a place where students meet to receive instructions or discuss topics. 

The hub is connected to smaller task focussed spaces where students can work independently or in small groups to complete tasks.

The spaces had to be vibrant filled with flexible furniture, good acoustics and lighting to allow teachers to adjust learning environments depending on the activities and the needs of the students and teachers. 

WMK has designed open plan learning spaces to create the sense of community, encourage conversation, co-operation and collaboration but also individual learning. 

Furniture is flexible, portable and intuitive.  The central “hub” allows for whole of class discussion as well as intimate small group collaboration. 

Durable multi-function acoustic wall cladding keep loud noises to a minimum and promote visual connection. Vibrant colours are balanced with more neutral colours to avoid distraction and overstimulation.

Natual lighting combined with artificial lighting enables teachers to control light levels to avoid or reduce hyperactivity.


The designs deliver unique environments that identify with the learning style of the next generation. The collaborative space fosters positive relationships and self-directed learning and prepares students for future work environments.

The projects have received extensive recognition, including the prestigious AIA NSW William E. Kemp award for Educational Architecture and the National Award for Sustainable Architecture.

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