After 25 years on Kent St, the expiration of WMK’s lease and growth aspirations prompted a review of its current workplace needs. WMK engaged its inhouse team to develop a new workplace strategy and design for its new head office at 9 Castlereagh St that would optimise its one team culture, showcase its leading-edge design and award-winning practice, enable improved collaboration across the studio and promote social connectivity with colleagues, clients and industry peers.


WMK’s Workplace Strategy prioritised planning functionality and aesthetics, introducing of the guiding design principle of ‘one space, one team’.

Architectural adjustments transformed a cold, unused space including opening a central void for visual connectivity and to harness sunlight. The existing pebble waterfall became an indigenous artwork, fostering a connection to country. The design includes a versatile double-height front of house and arrival space, a centrally located connecting stair fosters impromptu conversationsand key features include a showcase design lab and prupose-built library. Sustainable materials and timeless quality furniture ensure an eco-conscious design.


WMK’s transformation results in a distinctive and welcoming workplace standing out as an inviting departure from traditional office environments. Visitors consistently express a genuine ‘wow’ factor, noting the uplifting and vibrant energy of the space. The functional design not only fosters collaboration and productivity but also resonates with a welcoming hospitality venue contributing to workplace culture. Future plans on foot for the refurbishment of the ground floor building entrance also designed by WMK to include a new cafeteria and bar in the connecting lobby, will align with the ongoing efforts to create a dynamic and multi-functional space that sets a new standard within the building for tenants and visitors.

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