Taylor’s key drivers were to provide a more efficient workspace that enhances teamwork and collaboration, with new settings that allow for both individual and collaborative work. To enhance the front of house and arrival experience for both guests and staff, providing flexible spaces to support client entertainment, staff breakout and informal meetings of various sizes. The new workplace is to consider agile/ hybrid approach that will support flexibility and accommodate a growing business. 


WMK’s design for Taylor's new North Sydney workplace centres on its strategic imperatives of transparency, reducing hierarchy, and a holistic culture.

Planning began with the tender room, a partially framed collaborative space positioned in the heart of the workplace. An area of the business traditionally kept behind closed doors was deliberately moved into the open to promote visibility, reduce barriers, engage and excite staff, and enhance a one-team mindset.

The front-of-house and arrival experience incorporates the boardroom and meeting rooms and represents the physical cultural interpretation of the Taylor brand - warm and casual yet professional and astute. To promote wellbeing, and support deliberate and incidental connectivity, the large flexible space provides for various daily activities and needs including staff and guest amenities, events, informal gatherings, and meetings.

WMK's approach blends traditional and modern planning principles with bold gestures and incorporates an aesthetic of indigenous overlays, and an Australian-infused palette.


Taylor staff have noted a shift in culture, people are eating lunch together, and are meeting informally.  Staff have a new sense of place when working in the office and all settings are being utilised effectively.  

Welcome to Taylor, a renewed sense of belonging. 

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