WMK was engaged to transform Schneider’s new Brisbane workplace at Jubilee Place to reflect its Sydney workplace strategies implemented and worked in collaboration with Schneider’s senior leadership team to understand the vision, aspirations, and local business objectives. 
Schneider Electric’s new workplace environment needed to represent its brand by showing Schneider’s authenticity and breadth of innovation through display of its products and solutions in a manner that would enhance and simplify team and customer experience. 


WMK engaged with the business and key teams to understand their needs and vision for the workplace. The planning objective was to create neighbourhoods that housed a number of meeting rooms, a variety of workstation types, as well as phone booths and collaboration spaces for teams with the support of integrated technology allowing for an agile work environment.
These neighbourhoods would be connected through the breakout area, featuring a lounge space and communal tables to allow for flexibility and collaboration. The central zone features Schneider Electric products, technology, and an innovation hub which is open to the surrounding neighbourhoods to allow transparency between staff and customers.



Schneider Electric’s new work environment is integrated, flexible, and creative which facilitates cross team integration and movement of staff throughout the workplace by centralising key social areas. Staff have embraced the new workplace, utilising the neighbourhoods and varying workstation settings to suit their tasks.
WMK has created a space that enhances the team working environment while implementing a workplace design that also focuses on social sustainability to achieve an ‘Eco-city’ that represents Schneiders’ global DNA.

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