REINSW is the peak industry body representing real estate property professionals.  With a desire to refresh its market position whilst staying in the same Surry Hills location, WMK was challenged to help REI create a new generation workplace within a complex heritage building, at the same time incorporating a base building refurb, and front and back façade upgrades.  A key driver of the design was to deliver an environment that would foster team cohesion and a sense of interconnectedness, centralise key functional areas, create technology enabled spaces and adjacencies between work and collaboration zones.


Taking an integrated approach, the strategy was to condense the 5 level workplace into 3 and allow a warm shell fitout for the top 2 to be future leased.  WMK worked closely with the heritage consultant to ensure all design elements were carefully considered and honoured the building’s history as a former warehouse whilst bringing it into a modern light.  WMK referenced its earlier strategy to develop a homebase model and incorporated small meeting rooms, focus areas, and lounge settings which were easily accessible to neighbouring workstations.  The fusion of a navy blue with a bright orange/burgundy materials palette reflected the different vibrational frequencies between focus and collaborative zones enriching the space with a contemporary vibe. 


REI’s new home embodies its refreshed market offering and delivers technology enabled spaces and a multitude of collaboration zones to connect colleagues and industry peers for years to come. 

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