With Miele HQ previously based in Knoxfield since the brand entered the Australian market 40 years ago, relocating to the inner suburb of Hawthorn East posed an unprecedented challenge to Knox-local staff members accustomed to driving daily to the office.
WMK was engaged to assist Miele in designing a new office environment that would excite, engage and entice staff to frequent the office plus design a space that is both functional yet aesthetically aligned to the Miele brand. Further, Miele were looking to embrace an activity-based workstyle and move to an agile way of working - a significant change from how staff had previously utilised the office. 


WMK started with developing the workplace strategy and involved all the Miele staff in the consultative process to determine a holistic understanding of the future aspirations of the workplace. 

The strategy informed the concept which emulated the stylish Miele brand - a dark, moody, and sophisticated colour palette to the front of house, and a light, bright and green environment to the back of house.  The staff's involvement and ownership n the conceptual iteration of the Miele 'home' began the journey of excitement and enthusiasm for the return to the office.  


Miele has noted how staff have embraced their new home, adapting to the flexible and agile way of working, including the use of collaborative and social zones. With full height glazing to all sides of the floor plate natural light pours in, and the green terrace wraps 3 sides of the building, staff now have a wellness overlay which has contributed to the enthusiasm of coming into the office.

Miele’s brand has been showcased upon entry with a rich, sophisticated palette complemented by a gallery style History Zone captivating staff, visitors, and clients. With Miele’s appliances used throughout the space, the office is a landmark destination for the brand's HQ. 


Miele HQ has been shortlisted in the IDEA Awards 2022, and the Australian Interior Design Awards 2023 

Photography by Nicole England

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