Australian Red Cross is the heartbeat of our nation, whose work ensures that patients receive the required life-giving products. Inspired by their dedication to health and community, the design approach sought to embody Lifeblood’s spirit producing a workspace designed for its people in a post COVID hybrid working environment.


Lifeblood supports all regions of Australia with life-saving products that transforms lives, inspiring the new workspace which pays homage to the natural environments of our nation - Outback, Coastal, Mountainous & Urban.
Consultation and collaboration with Lifeblood teams were imperative to the design’s success. Three main human interactions were themed into zones to form the structural basis of the design – Collaborate, Focus and Connect. Aligned to the built environment, the zones are brought to life through the rich Australian inspired palette which Lifeblood has found ignites creativity and imbues collaboration.


The design reflects what the workplace means to Lifeblood in a post COVID world and supports new ways of working endemic within the hybrid model. The brief articulated Lifeblood’s desire to be on the vanguard of workplace environment with the goal of creating a space that entices “return to office” rather than relying on mandates. Creation of dynamic workspaces unifying the 680 agile-ready workforce was imperative.
Human-centric design fosters varying working styles, that is adaptive. Teams are empowered to interact in open, light-filled spaces promoting innovation and encouraging collaboration.


Lifeblood has been shortlisted in the IDEA Awards 2022

Photography by Emily Bartlett

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