Endeavour Energy inhabited their campus in Huntingwood for more than 20 years, and needed to find a new home in the revitalised surrounds of Parramatta. In parallel they had a vision to create a level of equality in experience for their Field Service Centres (FSC’s) in Kings Park, Hoxton Park and Glendenning.
Their previous workplace consisted of static, individual workpoints, and there was a large disparity between the FSC’s and Huntingwood facilities.

Endeavour Energy envisaged a new open plan workplace facilitating agile, flexible working across multiple sites, as well as embodying and exposing their brand and values within the fitout. The Systems Operations Centre, controlling the power for millions of residents, located in Huntingwood would have to be relocated in a highly technical process. Underlying all this is the concept of Project Dyurali – a profound connection to Country and Community undertaken by Endeavour, which formed the seed of the project from the very beginning.


At the core of this transformation lies WMK's design philosophy, which revolves around three fundamental principles: Empower, Spark, and Connect. Drawing inspiration from both explicit and implicit elements of Endeavour's core business both above and below ground and its entire network of staff, the design incorporates themes reminiscent of electrical grids, network overlays, and visual cues from everyday equipment and tools. It also integrates traditional materials and interconnected landscapes. The result is an environment characterised by warm earthy tones, textured and raw materials, recycled power poles, and industrial motifs.
Within this setting, spaces are designed to be open, transparent, and inherently collaborative enabling Endeavour to operate as one community. They provide the necessary facilities and amenities to support the organisation's new way of working, emphasising flexibility and agility. This adaptability positions the business to seamlessly evolve alongside the ever-changing landscape of the energy industry.

Central to this design is the Systems Operations Centre, which serves as the heartbeat of the workplace. It offers transparency into the #workspace, creating a unique and immersive working experience.
Furthermore, the design places a strong emphasis on connecting with the natural environment and Indigenous culture. This connection is fostered through indoor and outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with the surroundings. Additionally, there is a meaningful collaboration with local Indigenous groups and artists, enriching the cultural tapestry of the workplace.


This new working environment positions Endeavour Energy to continue its mission of powering communities towards a brighter future, aligning its operations with its evolving role as a leading energy provider.

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