CV Global

Sunshine Coast


Moving from their office of twenty years in an industrial estate into a new building in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, CV Global wanted a workplace that was modern and sophisticated but retained the close-knit community and purpose-driven culture they had cultivated within their team. 


Highly driven by technology, the workplace needed multiple spaces for video conferencing and a flexible working environment for staff that spend a large amount of time travelling or working remotely. 


WMK's design balances the clients request for a sophisticated but casual aesthetic through the use of a rich colour palate and quality finishes, paired with comfortable furniture and intimate lounge settings. Spread over two floors, the natural meeting hub of the workplace evolves over the course of the day from the upstairs morning coffee bar; that replaces a conventional reception area, to the downstairs open plan kitchen which includes a spacious island and large communal dining table. 


The shared amenities at the entrance to each level complements the easy-going and welcoming atmosphere CV Global wanted to capture.
In addition to traditional workstations, large work islands promote easy interaction and collaboration while allowing staff to remain physically distanced and agile. 


Sheer curtains have been strategically positioned throughout the workplace to provide a visual divide between spaces without interrupting the open flow of the office. Varying sized meeting rooms surround the perimeter of the workplace enabling staff to easily host formal or informal video calls with minimum disruption.


CV Global’s new workplace, with views of the Maroochy river and Maroochydore beach, embodies the relaxed but professional attitude of the company and its staff. WMK’s design resulted in a versatile, innovative workplace, highly tailored to CV Global’s business needs and ideally suited to the post-Covid world.

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