WMK were challenged to reimagine learning with thoughtful design (the architectural vision for The College of Law’s new HQ). After more than 50 years at St Leonards, The College of Law relocated to the heart of Sydney’s CBD. The new space had to be functional as well as flexible, offering varied learning environments to suit their students. The space needed to meet the diverse physical and virtual needs of students from silent to vibrant areas. The ethos of the new campus will be one of openness.


Taking the idea of ‘hotelling’ around spaces, with people coming and going as pleased, the new College home needed to meet the diverse physical and virtual needs of students, legal professionals, academics, and office staff. The design narrative positioned the new campus as “The Incubator”, a place that nurtures meaningful professional relationships while encouraging valuable collaborative experiences.

WMK developed a ‘silent to vibrant’ approach to the planning of each floor to ensure that a range of activities, from larger collaborative hybrid meetings to individual focussed work sessions could successfully coexist without negatively impacting one another. Equally important, was the effective implementation of immersive technology to enable an equal learning experience regardless of location.

The floor plan broke boundaries and historical silos - literally through alterable spaces and metaphorically through hybrid learning programs while the College’s new brand was woven boldly into every detail.


The College of Law is now revolutionised from the traditional education space with flexi rooms, collaboration spaces, ride-to-work facilities and a densely planted garden terrace on level 4 dedicated for corporate and social gatherings overlooking town hall. WMK worked together with CoL to craft a campus informed by the future of learning. 

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