Arcadis Headquarters



Following the successful design and completion of the Arcadis Brisbane office, WMK was engaged to design their new Sydney Headquarters. The new 4,200sqm workplace spans across three and a half floors. 

The brief was to create a sophisticated space aligned with the new planning principles WMK had established for the Brisbane project, which would support Arcadis’ aspirational move towards a more collaborative and agile work environment.

The workplace would need to encourage regular collaboration and improved connectivity between in-house teams and external consultants and clients, whilst supporting higher densities of staff. 


The key planning approach for the project was to provide a fully agile workplace which effectively integrates a multitude of ergonomic work settings and equitably distributed meeting and collaboration spaces to support an efficient and productive work environment.

An interconnecting feature stair connects the customer floor to the large breakout spaces on all lower levels, effectively linking the social and hot-desking hubs within the workplace and promoting movement and collaboration across all floors. 

The materiality of the project elevates the Arcadis brand through the use of a neutral palette, overlaid with warmer timber and natural finishes.


The new Sydney office effectively embodies Arcadis’ movement away from a traditional office space into an environment which supports a more fluid and progressive way of working.

The design has transformed the workplace into a series of dynamic, energetic and inviting spaces, forming a series of diverse work settings and a multitude of collaboration spaces that encourage interaction and cross pollinisation.

The introduction of a dedicated customer floor with flexible functionality provides Arcadis with a sophisticated space which showcases Arcadis as a company and effectively facilitates the integration and partnership between staff and clients.

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