WMK delivered the interiors for the Australian Computer Society's (ACS) head office.  The briefing requirements were largely undefined and WMK workshopped with the ACS to finalise their requirements.  

The major objective of the space was to reinvigorate their presence within the industry and in doing so attract the younger members.  The client wanted a sophisticated and welcoming atmospheric space that was flexible and allowed for members and staff to connect and collaborate together.  


The space is 2400m2 and set over a full floor of Tower 1 Barangaroo.  It consists of key zones:

Zone 1 - Lobby & Welcome (The First Impression)

Visitors will be greeted by cutting-edge interactive technology which leads them through the entry and into the front of house and members area - making for a memorable and engaging sensory experience. 

Zone 2 - Communal Kitchen/Breakout (The Hub)

The communal spaces are designed to be multifunctional to suit the varied and ever-changing needs of the ACS and to encourage playfulness, creativity and innovation. 


The new space has lifted the ACS profile within the industry and despite some initial concerns about moving to an agile working model, the change has been embraced by staff and the communal FOH and breakout areas have activated the life of the space. 

The new office delivers an open, collaborative experience which provides connectivity, reduces the need for storage, facilitates flexibility and ultimately, adds value to the underlying ACS business environment. 

Photographer: Toby Peet

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