Latrobe GovHub



The brief was to create an anchor office building within the heart of Morwell as part of a strategic vision in the revitalisation of the town. The building was to accommodate key government tenants as well as provide spaces for local businesses to lease.


A number of key community spaces was to be included making the building form part of a greater community hub.


The Latrobe Government Hub was designed as a highly activated and articulated building with a rich material palette, forming an anchor building within the fabric of the Morwell Community. The design is reminiscent of a bucket wheel excavator, gesturing
back to Morwell’s past. 


As part of the design methodology, the material palette and design was intended so that materials could be sourced from within the local region, and any trades required could largely be done by local builders.


The building responds to its context and is designed an object in the round, creating a welcoming experience for visitors.


WMK have developed a highly considered approach to the Latrobe Government Hub, creating an animated form that is static in nature, but is activated by the people who will use and occupy the building.  The building will generate a new wave of employment and activity in the local area and help in revitalising the community.

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