300 Queen Street



WMK were challenged with upgrading and repositioning the entry foyer of 300 Queen Street to attract new tenants as well as retain existing and complete the building’s transformation into an A grade asset.


The brief included incorporating an integrated café, creation of a new waiting, collaboration and café seating space and introduction of a new entrance to connect the lobby to Brisbane’s vibrant Post Office Square. 


Construction needed to be completed while maintaining continuous access and use of the lobby and lifts.


WMK simplified the foyer’s aesthetic through the introduction of a sophisticated and minimalistic material and colour palette to create a modern, bright and welcoming environment that encourages visitors to linger.


The café has been repositioned to open up the space, whilst also visually and physically connecting the lobby to the Post Office Square hub.


More natural light has been introduced through the additional entrance and this, paired with the dark core, accentuates the impact of the new feature lighting creating a striking entrance that leaves a lasting impression.


The refurbishment has activated a once dark lobby into a lively space that successfully connects the building to its prominent location on the corner of Queen Street and Post Office Square.

The buzz from the integrated café flows through to the adjacent lobby seating encouraging ad-hoc encounters, informal collaboration and creating a dynamic atmosphere. 

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