WMK was engaged to upgrade and reposition the public domain of a unique inner-city office building in order to attract and retain new high value tenants, as well as transform the building into an A grade asset.

The brief required WMK to take advantage of the building’s prominent CBD location to create a new multi-layered public space incorporating a signature façade design, a welcoming and smart business lounge, an elegant café design, and a revitalised retail laneway.


WMK sought design inspiration from the well-known building architect to restore the space to its original glory. The distinctive building aesthetic was simplified and centred around timeless materials of vein-cut travertine and solid brass.

The signature façade was designed to maximise interior natural light whilst providing clear views of the external environment. The smart business lounge caters to a variety of different settings, from small intimate gatherings to large informal team meetings. The existing café has been repositioned to offer a more bespoke coffee offering and provide quality spaces for tenants and visitors to gather and meet.


Situated in the heart of Brisbane, now sits a remarkable 24-story commercial office tower that has been transformed into an A-Grade asset, setting a new standard for excellence in quality and design.  The revitalised public domain has creates an environment that seamlessly connects tenants and visitors to the surrounding amenities, energy, and excitement of the area, while also providing a timeless aesthetic appeal.

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