WMK was engaged by Urban Climb to create a new indoor climbing space in Melbourne. The design required a variety of building heights to accommodate the various climbing walls and spaces proposed for the gym.

It was important to the client that natural light was a key consideration with connection to the outside environment enhancing the experience of using the space.


Typically, a warehouse has a consistent roof height and minimal façade openings, and so the key to the design proposal was to create a zoned floorplan which accommodated 3 different roof heights. This allowed a variety of climbing spaces and styles to be accommodated throughout the entire building. Key consideration was given to creating specific moments of natural light and views. Large glazed elements were positioned near the corners of the building, which gave the sense of the building extending outside whilst allowing ample solid wall to accommodate the vast climbing walls.



WMK’s design for the building considered the variety of spaces in the gym and enhanced the indoor experience of rock climbing. Strategically placed windows afforded views and changing light throughout the day which gives the climbing walls dynamic feel within a static space. The main entry space in the gym was located in the zone with the highest roof volume, which creates an impressive arrival experience, showcasing the gym’s features.

Photography:  Sam Lauder 

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