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Dr Donna Wheatley will provide this year's keynote at the Workplaces and Workforces of the Future conference, exploring the complexities of multigenerational views, AI, destination design and wellness.

Dr Donna is a strategy and design leader. with a unique combination of a Ph.D. in environmental psychology and architectural registration. Donna's presentations are engaging, thought-provoking and draw on a wealth of workplace experience across Australia and New Zealand. 

About the conference

The conference aims to equip attendees with a fresh perspective and practical views on future workforces and workplaces.  They will learn how to create the ideal destination for work, keeping employees current and engaged and preparing to transform into a future workplace. 

Additional sessions will explore:

  • Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and automation into the workplace 
  • Sustainable workplace design practices 
  • An analysis on current agile practices in organisations 
  • Bridging the gap between employees to create a diverse and inclusive workforce  
  • Leadership skills needed to lead the workforce into the future  
  • Using microcredentials to support new ways of learning and retaining talent 
  • Creating a ‘human-centred design’ solution  
  • Identifying and appealing to employees’ intrinsic motivations 
  • Flexible and mobile working styles and making it work for the employee and the organisation 


Register for the conference here or get in touch with Donna Wheatley 

Posted by Greg Barnett

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