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WFH has revealed some home truths: not all our homes are conducive to working, yet the cold fluorescence of the corporate work floor lacks the incentive for many to return.

WMK is currently exploring the evolution of the office with several different organisations, and as our clients encourage their people to return, they are recognising that the feel of their workspace is just as important as its function.

Our award-winning work in the hospitality sector shows the success of designing for the human experience and we believe workplaces can learn a lot from this approach.

We are hearing that people want their spaces to feel welcoming, and as we answer briefs for new environments that build connection and safe interaction, we are showing that warmth and comfort need not be at the expense of functionality.

We know that a successful post-pandemic workspace is one that supports people in their work choices, but it should also be welcoming and inspiring. We are seizing the opportunity to create memorable workplace experiences, ones that are best had in the company of others.

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Posted by Kim Aleksandrowicz

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