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WMK’s Jade Hudson was invited by Clint Zammit of Savills Project Management to join Savills for the 2012 Canberra Off Road Cycling (CORC) Scott 24hr Mountain Biking Championships at Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra on 13 & 14 October.

The largest event of its kind in the World, the Scott Australian 24 Hour MTB Championships where the "Fat Tyred Fools" ended up riding a gruelling 19 laps of the mountain course totalling 265km, with half of these laps being completed at night! Each rider completed around 65 kms.

Savills’ entered two teams – the “Fat Tyre Fools” and the “Flat Tyre Fools” – which both gave it a red hot go with "Fat Tyre Fools" posting an impressive 48th place out of 283.

Not to undermine the "Fat Tyre Fools" effort, "Flat Tyres" Shaun Diamond was injured while riding (and flying) and split his helmet in half (leaving a nasty cut above his right eye), impressing the organisers enough to give him a brand new helmet.

Experienced head chef, support crew member and Savill’s Senior Project Manager Mark Lederer was sadly unavailable due to work commitments but the team members enjoyed delicious BBQ chicken seasoned with LED lights by Leon Kenney. Thomas Woronowicz experienced “snow” on the mountain during his solo night ride and also rode the fastest recorded team day time lap.  David “Triple lap” Simpson performed faultlessly until “sleep deprivation” kicked in while driving back to Sydney.

Overall, the event was a huge success, with the remaining team members John Critchley, Damian Milani “surviving” with minimal injuries and the team completing the event in high spirits.

Jade has been invited to participate in the next bi-annual event as part of the Savills crew, and has already started training for the event!





Posted by Jade Hudson

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