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WMK's latest innovation for ANZ featured on Australia by Design Innovation Series on Sunday 16th December 2018 on Channel 10. 

The episode covered how WMK’s Digital Design Delivery (D.D.D) which is a revolutionary new ‘process’ to deliver a built environment using innovative digital technologies has assisted ANZ to improve its customer service.  

In a traditional design and construction process, each stage from concept design to project build is a series of manual, time consuming and cumbersome tasks.  Errors frequently occur as the various people involved in the project work on tasks in isolation and cannot communicate information easily between each other.  Also, the client who is unfamiliar with how to read plans and documents, has difficulty visualising what the end result will look like. 

With the DDD, each stage of the process is transformed using digital technologies, streamlining and simplifying the various tasks, improving communication and visualisation.

Watch the episode now (go to 12.40 mins)

Posted by Claire Davies

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