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There’s a buzz in the air on site at the Wilson Residence. After a couple of months of shop drawing and fabrication, and Christmas less than a week away, the steel and laminated timber framing has arrived! The steel workers are starting and will be continuing over the Christmas break, so in the New Year we’ll get to see a glimpse of the final form.

The concreters have been kept busy, forming, pouring and currently stripping the ‘off form’ concrete walls to the pool area and stepped landscape, revealing more of the beautiful ‘class 2’ finish.

The pool floor was being poured while we were there and the ‘off form’ concrete pool walls will be formed and poured next.

The one man band stonemason continues to chip slowly and surely away at the sandstone clad blade wall, which is looking fantastic. It will almost certainly be the centrepiece of the house as it cuts its way down the site weaving from inside to out. The existing house on the site is looking more and more out of place as the new building takes shape.

2017 will be off to an exciting start, will keep you posted!

 Take a virtual walk-through The Wilson Residence which is currently under construction >


Posted by Steven Wisker, Project Architect

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