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As Australian international borders reopen to the world in February, a renewed sense of optimism is expected to enter the hotels and hospitality market.  For those looking to refurbish and refresh their facilities what are the trends shaping the hotels shaping hotel design in 2022?

 1. Business + Leisure travellers:

Australians are taking advantage of working remotely to travel to holiday destinations with the ability to work from a holiday. Demand for Business Lounge space and rooms with dedicated WFH desk space is on the rise.   

 2. Health & Well-being

As Australia emerges from lockdowns, health and well-being have been placed in the spotlight. The hotel sector is seeing a growing demand for health services delivered by experts but health should be engrained into the DNA of the hotel from the concept. Abundant sunlight, natural ventilation, landscaped indoor and outdoor spaces are the pillars of a healthy building.

 3. Solo travellers

Over the past few years, many have embraced the meditative value of spending time alone. To help make solo travellers feel comfortable, barriers between hotel staff and guests are being broken down and replaced with digital experience centres. Interior spaces are encouraged to evoke a sense of homeliness and local atmosphere, breaking down the traditional divide between tourists and the wider community.


Posted by Claire Davies

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