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WMK have delivered Space & Co’s newest Melbourne location at 8 Exhibition St, a unique way of working for members whilst offering panoramic views of Melbourne's most iconic landmarks. 

Space & Co, part of the GPT Group offers premium, flexible co-working solutions. Wanting to deliver a premium offering to its clientele, Space & Co engaged WMK to utilise its well-established design language of exposing the raw elements of the space and added a layer of refinement that echoed the premium grade of the building. 

Incorporating Space & Co’s existing foundation of quality, WMK successfully balanced the raw with the refined, maintaining key elements such as the common area floors and ceilings but balanced these with plush carpets, soft leather furnishings and the soft luster of stainless steel.

WMK created a series of shared spaces that allow the members to come together away from the core of the workspace.  One such space was the “greenhouse” a nod to the gardens viewable from the floor but not accessible.  This re-interpretation of a greenhouse brings the outdoors in, creating a workshop and pitch space for members surrounded by plants that hang from the ceiling.

The new premises have enabled Space & Co to accommodate in Sydney and Melbourne a growing market of sophisticated corporates and small to medium size enterprises looking for access to affordable yet premium contemporary workspaces, state of the art facilities and luxury amenities.

The space offers a range of collaborative zones for individuals and teams to come together and share ideas as well as facilitate connection with like-minded leaders from a wide range of industries.


Posted by Claire Davies

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