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The Sargood Centre’s final form is beginning to emerge.

Insulation and services are complete, plasterboard installation has commenced, and external hardscape in the upper south courtyard is underway.

Sargood will be a resort-like residential centre for people with spinal cord injuries to relearn and rejuvenate.  Located at the south end of beautiful Collaroy Beach, Sargood is set to open in late 2016.

It is a unique partnership between the local community, the Lifetime Care & Support Authority, and a private foundation who have raised more than $21mil in funding. Once opened, the centre will be operated by Royal Rehab.

Sargood will create a pathway to independence, offering state-of-the-art living by the beach with 17 apartments and on-site life learning and education. The facility will offer short-term residence, rehabilitation, day learning programs and respite care.

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Posted by Cecelia Wells

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