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An SSDA application has been lodged for The Australian Turf Club (ATC) to unveil ambitious plans for a new, seven-storey boutique hotel development at the iconic Royal Randwick Racecourse. Nestled just 6 kilometres southeast of Sydney's CBD, Royal Randwick Racecourse, steeped in history since 1833, is a symbol of elegance, entertainment, and sporting prowess. The ATC's newest venture promises to elevate its status as a global cultural, entertainment, and recreational hub, enhancing the experience for racegoers and tourists alike.

Key features of the project include 190 hotel rooms; a restaurant and bar; ancillary office space; a pool and fully-equipped gym; spacious function rooms; lounge and gaming facilities; outdoor terraces; and secure basement parking.

Adding to the allure, the project includes plans for an extension of the internal vehicular network, introducing a covered porte-cochere at the ground level near the primary entrance to ensure a warm welcome for hotel guests and visitors. The development's landscaping and public domain enhancements promise to further embellish the precinct's beauty.

The ATC's commitment to environmental sustainability shines through various initiatives, including:

  • Utilising photovoltaics on the roof to offset electricity consumption and reduce peak demand.

  • A thoughtfully designed terrace landscape with shade-providing small trees to combat the heat.

  • Innovative rainwater collection and on-site reuse for irrigation and eco-friendly toilet flushing.

  • Integration of native or low-water landscaping to preserve precious resources.

  • Prioritizing materials with a low environmental impact, including low VOC paints, carpets, and engineered wood.

  • Incorporating natural cross-ventilation for energy efficiency.

The ATC has collaborated closely with the Bidjigal Elders in the development of a cultural overlay framework, ensuring respect for the local indigenous culture. This collaboration supports other ATC initiatives such as the ATC Reconciliation Action Plan, a First Nations events calendar, and the formation of a First Nations ‘Jockey Group’ to inform and enhance all activities and events associated with the club. 

Partnering with architectural visionaries WMK and project management experts Mostyn Copper PM, the ATC is poised to bring this grand vision to life.

This new hotel development at Royal Randwick represents an exciting chapter in the history of this iconic racecourse. The ATC looks forward to creating a world-class destination that celebrates Sydney's heritage, culture, and racing history while offering a modern and sustainable hospitality experience for visitors from around the world. 

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Posted by Claire Davies

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