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Designed by WMK Architecture, the Allianz Worldwide Partners Broadbeach workplace counters the density and intensity of a call-centre environment by taking inspiration from its beachfront surroundings to reflect a space that embodies a casual and playful culture where staff have the opportunity to relax, recharge and be engaged in a collaborative environment.

Providing 24/7 call centres and emergency support across Australia, the brief for Allianz Worldwide Partners involved consolidating two of Allianz Worldwide Partners’ call-centre offices, along with an operational business unit, into one singular 2100sqm workplace located on prime Gold Coast Beachfront. Since its completion in October 2016, employees have had access to a workplace that supports collaboration, cross-pollinisation, and celebration amongst staff from the various departments.

The business unit workspaces border the central café-inspired hub and strategically incorporate localised ad-hoc collaboration pods to assist staff in connecting with colleagues. These social and collaboration spaces (the pods, the breakout, and other key zones, such as the informal reception area) are blended with natural greenery on the white and timber screening structures which, once fully grown, will create a higher level of privacy, and further cultivate a sense of wellness and stress relieving calm.

Arranging the space around a large central café-inspired hub encourages staff to socialise easily while access to the adjacent open terrace and training room with ocean views and greenery bolsters staff wellbeing. The large pivot doors and flexible furniture arrangements within the training room and breakout also allow staff to successfully host larger ‘town hall’ type functions.

Right from the point of entry, staff and business partners are greeted with a ‘beach-themed’ design aesthetic which takes cues from the coastline through an ephemeral palette of neutral tones and natural materials, with playful ‘sun and sea’ inspired accent colours. The contextual beachside surroundings are featured throughout the design detailing, and are reflected in the selection of finishes, furniture, feature lighting, wayfinding signage, and glazing graphics.


By successfully achieving a casual and collaborative environment with a strong focus on staff health and wellbeing, Allianz Worldwide Partners’ workplace culture has been elevated through a dynamic and desirable workplace environment that inspires staff to connect and recoup in new ways.

Posted by Lindsay Nunes

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