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WMK was honoured to be invited as one of six global firms to give vision to Qatar's School of the Future. 

The remit of 'learning transformation' incorporated a complex integrated campus accommodating preschool to year 12, as well as a specialist STEM school, sports field, gym, and urban farm. While addressing student’s academic needs, the school is to embody all the elements of human wellbeing - spiritual, physical, and mental.

The school campus design imagined as a series of learning blocks under an ecological and power generating canopy. The learning spaces will span inside to outside, dissolving old notions of classrooms and removing corridors. The focal point of the campus is the library of the future and its circular form that is offset from the geometry of the rest of the campus. Innovative learning strategies complimenting cutting-edge, experimental architecture are key to unlocking pedagogical transformation. It’s low rise and human scale helps the school integrate with its remarkable urban context, while also standing apart to become one of the nation’s highest achieving schools. 

WMK's design of Sydney's NBCS is another innovative design representing the future of academic learning for K-12.

Posted by Claire Davies

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