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'Millard Place' is a luxury 15 townhouse development in the historical suburb of Glebe.

Millard Place sits opposite Wentworth Park in Glebe and is a 5 min walk to the new fish market development and a 30 min walk to the CBD. It has four street frontages with a small pocket park to the south on St Johns Rd, Bellevue Lane is to the west and is lined with garages for the Bellevue St terraces, and to the east is Wentworth Park Rd with the racetrack and its adjacent parklands. The site’s immediate built context is made up of predominantly 2/3 storey terraces with the large Wentworth Park stadium to the east as an exception.

The site is oriented North/South and affords good morning and afternoon solar ingress into the development. The building sits 500mm higher than the street level and is set back from the boundary to afford a greater sense of privacy to Wentworth Park Rd. Courtyards to the centre of each terrace allows for daylight ingress to all levels as well as increasing the flow of natural ventilation to the surrounding rooms whilst mitigating road noise from Wentworth Ave.

The building's materiality is a combination of brick to ground along Wentworth Park Rd that rises to 2 stories along Bellevue Lane with a clearly defined metal and glass form that straddles this base. The brick to the ground and level 1 is treated as a sculptural form that has playful references to the Old Glenmore Meats Logo that adorned the original building with the ribbed metal forms being a nod to the location’s industrial past. To integrate into the surrounding context the building reads as only 2 levels as the third level sits within the roof space.

Each terrace has a bedroom, study and 2-car garage to the ground. The living, dining and kitchen spaces plus a western outdoor terrace are located on level 1 with 2 bedrooms and associated ensuites to L2. All levels are connected by stairs and a private lift that sits around an internal 3-storey landscaped courtyard which allows for natural light and ventilation to the surrounding rooms whilst at the same time creating a private space to retreat to.

The realised design outcome resulted in a finely layered 3-level development that clearly expresses each of the 15 individual terraces. The building's articulation of tall window boxes and sloping roof forms reference the diversity of the immediate built context of 2 and 3-storey terrace houses and brick apartments.
The variety of spaces within, along with each one’s private courtyard affords residents a retreat from the world outside whilst at the same time being within walking distance of a vibrant and rapidly changing part of the city. The architecture reinforces the street scale and simultaneously revitalises the site’s identity with its strong forms and continually changing play of light and shadow to its facades.

Posted by Claire Davies

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