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Grounded by Miele’s founding philosophy ‘Immer Besser’ (forever better), the new headquarters has redefined the next generation of hybrid working. The ‘Home of Miele’ exudes a welcoming atmosphere where both employees and guests alike are imbued with Miele as a brand and as a community.

The genesis of the ‘Home of Miele’ at its core aimed at narrating Miele’s rich history as a company, celebrating its achievements and manifesting that into the built environment. Since the brands conception in 1899, Miele has preserved a robust commitment to quality and innovation, therefore it was imperative the design would endure.

 Upon arrival through the central core, guests are initially greeted by the ‘History Zone’ which creates a sense of arrival and a prelude into the origins of the Miele tale. The dark and moody region is representative of Miele’s contemporary branding and acts as a background to the vibrant history on display. The entry entails black exposed ceilings, an industrial concrete floor and timber tones that are a nod to Miele’s earliest appliances.

 As you move to the perimeter of the floorplate you are welcomed by a lighter palette, with white exposed ceilings and bursts of olive green to compliment a staff wellness overlay. Prioritising employees was essential in spatial planning, with an array of adaptable work settings located around the perimeter to take advantage of ample natural light and connection to the broader environs. The elevated environment focused on fostering creativity and collaboration into the future.

 “Miele’s new headquarters in Hawthorn has been designed to capture the richness of Miele’s past, whilst reflecting its present and more importantly the boundless opportunities for its future. The richness and beauty of Miele as a brand and its virtue of Immer Besser “Forever Better” underpinned every step of the design journey which included all team members and many other stakeholders. Miele’s new Home elevates your spirit with its light filled floor plate, richness and depth of materiality and sense of connectedness.” – Sarah Battaglia, Project Lead WMK

Posted by Claire Davies

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