The challenge was to create a new way of service and to attract customers making them feel comfortable through a new informal collaborative approach to understanding their needs, opposed to a typical closed office meeting. 







The completed concept store offers a variety of client facing consulting areas. Integrated within the store are large in-built touch screens which enhance the user-experience and provide easy access to information. 


The dynamic branding graphics, green wall, café zone, feature ceiling and travel trinket wall provide an environment that is inspiring, invigorating and welcoming to the organisation’s staff and customers


Meeting Room




WMK collaborated closely with all teams to reflect the original concept design and the financial organisation’s brand values and vision. 


The new space allows for both collaborative, modern amd interactive spaces, as well as more intimate rooms to cater for the more private conversations that take place. The project met compliance and stayed within the budget whilst being completed in the short time frame.

Concept Store Room