Bring together Blackmores 220 staff, distribution and production facilities in a state of the art building that embodies Blackmores’ leadership in health, work, life and the environment.




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On a 25,000m2 greenfield site, driven by leading-edge sustainability design in a campus setting, 


WMK created a bold, new-generation workplace and distribution centre that embodies Blackmores’ brand and encourages collaboration. 


Open-plan workspaces merge with a wellness centre, gym, lap pool and communal dining for staff, and flexible meeting areas for training and shareholder functions.


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A world class, award-winning building that is sustainable in the fullest sense – economical, social and environmental.


It reflects Blackmores’ ethos of “a natural approach to health” in a motivating, healthy workplace that drives operational efficiency and has a carbon footprint one eighth of a comparable development.



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The campus integrates cutting edge sustainability in below ground labyrinth cooling, wintergardens, assisted natural ventilation, thermal stacks and eco friendly materials.


Winner – 2010 Australian Institute of Architects Sustainable Architecture Award

Winner – 2010 Virdian Glass Innovation Award

Winner – 2010 Urban Taskforce Development Excellence for Industrial Development


Winner – 2009 Building Product News Sustainability Award

Winner – 2009 Pittwater Council Sustainability Award





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