As part of a City Of Sydney competition, the challenge was to design a residential and retail development in context with the varied neighbourhood along busy Harris Street – a mix of residential, retail, museums, public facilities, and education campuses. 

The design was required to integrate community expectations by providing public spaces and through-links.


The design proposed by WMK closely considered its urban context. Along bustling Harris Street, the building is a robust combination of off-form concrete, weathered zinc, and glass. 

As the development transitions to Bulwarra Road, the building mimics the rhythm and scale of the surrounding terraces, while the materials reference the nearby brick buildings with a fine layer of bronze coloured screens. 

The central building is a sculptural element that forms the development’s centrepiece.


WMK’s scheme relates to its context and surroundings. It is a highly efficient and rational design with regards to structure, services, and sustainability principles.

The design is a building of quality that contributes to the dynamic urban fabric of Ultimo.

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