Following a brand transformation, Qantas Credit Union became Qudos Bank and moved into the WMK-designed Goodman Connect Corporate Centre. 

WMK delivered the interiors for the bank's new headquarters, reflecting the brand essence of being 'unbank-like'. 

The Qudos team wanted a fun and bright space that was flexible and allowed for personalisation. 

The design also required sophistication to accommodate visiting board members and clients.


WMK selected bright palettes and finishes to match the new brand aesthetic. Graphics follow the themes of colour and flexibility with a changable Pop Art gallery and multicoloured illuminated signage.

The breakout area can be transformed for town hall meetings, while former Qantas Credit Union Arena lettering stars as feature pendant lighting.

Managers selected the layout and finishes for their new offices, allowing for personalisation. 

To sit comfortably within the base building, polished concrete floors are used throughout, while the floors are connected via a central stair that facilitates collaboration.


WMK has created a space that closely aligns with the organisation’s new positioning with its bright, energetic and ‘unbank-like’ interiors. The environment not only matches Qudos’ new corporate identity, but sits sympathetically within the base building.

The Qudos team has been brought together within this dynamic workspace where employees are encouraged to express their individuality – enabling them to feel part of the new brand.