WMK was selected by Genworth to consolidate the workspace onto 2 floors at the iconic Genworth Building 101 Miller Street, North Sydney.

The organisation had embarked on a cultural journey and needed a new work environment to support this shift. Genworth made the strategic decision to move to Activity Based Working (ABW) for Sydney and wanted a tailored approach that encouraged cross-team connection whilst maintaining team identity.

Genworth also wanted a space that was warm and welcoming to customers and partners as well as employees to showcase their identity as a brand and create a sense of community.


To deliver on this challenge, WMK engaged with the business, listening to the needs of the senior leadership group as well as workshopping with staff to enable a design that was tailored to suit individuals, teams and the business objectives.

The planning principles of open sight lines, team studios and flexibility have been adopted for the work areas. Team Studios consist of a ‘kit of tools’ to create an egalitarian work environment which puts the emphasis on teams rather than individuals and is responsive to fast-paced change.

The introduction of an interconnected stair strategically connects the Front of House to the staff kitchen/ breakout space which creates a destination for staff as well as an invitation to customers and partners into the heart of the workspace.

Timeless, classic use of materials such as natural timbers and planting are more akin to living rather than working. They bring inherent warmth and will allow the space to withstand the test of time. 


The new environment delivers an active, flexible and connected workspace that facilitates collaboration and allows for customers and partners to become closer to the Genworth business.

Staff members have been reinvigorated by the new fitout that is comfortable, supportive and energetic and the tailored ABW workstyle has been embraced by staff and senior leaders with ease.

Genworth has managed to reduce their floorplate by 30% and now all spaces are fully utilised and tailored to the new work culture.

The project was delivered on time and on budget.

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