As a result of a new IT project, Endeavour Energy was required to substantially increase employee numbers and wanted to attract new talent from the broader market sector. Needing to accommodate the team on site, Endeavour Energy set out to build a high-tech contemporary agile workspace and proposed to reinvigorate a tired underused basement level. WMK were tasked with creating a space that would provide an exciting, inspiring, collaborative, and tech-enabled workplace.


WMK’s design opened up a previously enclosed atrium to create a light-filled open plan environment with diverse work settings. With staff working various shifts, the design included alternative breakout, rest and VC areas. Alternative furniture settings were added to foster collaboration and teamwork. WMK created semi-enclosed geometric meeting spaces to reflect the underwater caves of the Mexican Riviera and provide a sense of serenity and inspiration. A high tech brainstorming room utilised curved seating, interactive screens and writable surfaces to provide a “creative’ ideas hub.


The new workplace is a highly conceptual and tailored working environment sensitive to brand, location and the workstyles of the end-user. The company reports that the refreshed look has enabled a quantum shift in how external consultants, newly recruited staff, and long term employees now engage, collaborate and interact with each other.

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