Deakin University Stage 2



Situated adjacent to WMK’s previously designed stage of the Deakin University campus at Greenwood Park, this second stage is home to Deakin University’s Information Technology capstone team.  It is important that the two spaces have a relationship whilst ensuring the new stage has an identity of its own. 

The space is required to accommodate teams and individuals in all forms of their working styles from presentation to collaboration. The scope includes breakout space, private meeting rooms, collaboration areas and amenities.  In addition, the timeline and budget for this project were notably tight.


To facilitate the needs of the varying student groups and working styles to coexist and prosper, the team at WMK used custom joinery and modular furniture to ensure an adaptability to the space. The industrial dividers also serve as writable surfaces that promote an interactivity with the environment. Curved walls take cues from the aesthetic of its neighbouring stage 1, and the sophisticated finishes mean this space can be utilized in a range of casual and professional applications. The co-working atmosphere encourages users to take advantage of the many types offerings the space can provide.  


The design is succinct with its companion stage as a complimentary and unique counterpart. The open-plan environment dynamically supports the differing styles of working and learning through functional divisions of space that provide moments of pause within the larger occupancy. 

Faculty and students alike use the different areas of the design in completely versatile ways that proves the design to be highly considered and flexible to their diverse needs. 

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