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WMK’s Rebecca Matthews has made the bold move to relocate love, life and cat 1,679.2kms south, swapping the blue skies and the free flowing XXXX of Brisvegas, for the concrete, bluestone and Espresso Martinis of Melbourne.

Initial celebrations of WMK’s enviable interstate flexibility and unparalleled life/work balance seemed premature, as the Brisbane office has since retracted their original statement in praise of the aforementioned interstate flexibility and unparalleled life/work balance, citing “….the pain is still too raw, the wound too fresh, to talk openly about losing such a talented member of staff… We’ll need some time to get over this”. There have been reports of a Rebecca-esque life-sized cardboard cutout appearing in the Brisbane office, however both Russell and Lindsay have refused to comment.

As Rebecca settles in with the Melbourne team, the afore-aforementioned enviable interstate flexibility and unparalleled life/work balance has the industry a buzz. Word on the street is that WMK is the place to be, whether it be Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney – or further! The Melbourne office has enthusiastically offered to send Steve Tillinger to Coober Pedy to set up another satellite office, this time underground. One thing is for sure, WMK’s family embrace extends beyond state lines and office walls. We wish you all the best in Melbourne, Bec!

Posted by Kim Aleksandrowicz

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