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Meet Brisbane based Interior Designer, Laura Gillett.

Laura brings the style and gourmet culinary skills to the Brisbane studio.

She has worked on numerous projects since she joined WMK in 2015 and we felt it was time to share her wisdom and discover her design inspirations.


What inspired you to become an architect/interior designer?

I’ve always been artistic from a young age and wanted to work in a career that allowed me to keep my creativity active and to also work out the practical side of my mind.

What is your biggest design influence?

I try to keep my mind open to taking in inspiration from everywhere at any time. It can be anything from an experience in nature, a local café to a piece of art.

What are your three ‘must-check-out’ places in Brisbane and why?

1. The Calile Hotel – James Street’s newest addition and a beautiful take on a resort style hotel in an urban setting with many retail and food offerings and a stunning central pool.

2. Powerhouse Museum – Aside from its stunning location on the Brisbane River and the many shows to view inside. The Powerhouse Museum is a thoughtfully conserved piece of Brisbane Heritage.

3. Otto Ristorante – One of the best meals in Brisbane and beautiful interior space. The trip up the mirror clad escalators and atrium space is an experience in itself.

 If I wasn't an interior designer, I'd probably be a...

I’d probably be a chef. Cooking is a passion in my life and another creative outlet for me that brings me joy and calm.

What has been your favourite project with WMK and why?

Every project has its moments that make them different and exciting in their own way but for me the most rewarding project has been one of most recent office fitouts I have worked on from the early design stage. The client wanted an office that didn’t feel like a traditional workplace and instead wanted a space that took a more casual approach. This challenged the team to question the nature of a workplace and come up with solutions that were exciting yet still highly functional. It was a very exciting and collaborative process.

What is your favourite city in the world and why?

Kyoto is my favourite city that I’ve travelled to. Its history coupled with moments of contemporary design along with the divine cuisine and stunning gardens makes Kyoto a must visit city for me whenever I travel to Japan.

Posted by Chelsea Lammas

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