WMK had the challenge of designing an office environment that was consistent with the Teleflex global brand identity while still reflecting the local Australian culture.


For their new Sydney headquarters, the client sought an office design that was engaging, modern, innovative, and welcoming. 


As a major product supplier in the medical industry, Teleflex wanted its new space to embody a medical feel. 


In addition, the new office was required to accomodate activity-based working.

Teleflex 1



The WMK team created collaborative zones within a single floor plate by utilising colour, texture, and geometric patterns. 


The design offers Teleflex team members a variety of flexible workspaces and interactive hubs which utilise technology to improve communication and efficiency.






Teleflex’s new office offers staff a variety of collaborative work settings, while capturing the business’ core values and bringing its brand to life. 


The new workplace enables flexibility and dynamism, which creates a working environment that is energetic, resulting in an improved motivational atmosphere for staff and visitors alike. 

Teleflex 3