Reface and realign the organisation as more than travel logistics, while merging disparate offices together in a


new 6,100m2 headquarters to increases communication and efficiencies and support Carnival’s brand position.

Carnival 3
Carnival 10


Space planning encourages collaboration and provides maximum natural light penetration to workspaces.


A dramatic interconnecting stair reminiscent of P&O styling was cut and built between all three levels to connect the teams – from reception on the upper-most level with a variety of meeting venues to centralised staff areas with generous lounge, café and touchdown spaces and open plan workstations.



The history and culture of Carnival Australia is emphasised by graphics and branding capturing heritage travel advertising.


Carnival 4
Carnival 5
Carnival 6
Carnival 7


A high energy environment that reflects the brand and sells the business as entertainment, with highly engaged staff. 


The new interconnected fitout improved staff interaction and knowledge-sharing, providing a unified organisation ready for growth.



Carnival 2
Carnival 11